Basil Pasta Opens New Location in Kits

August 11, 2015

If you’re looking for an affordable place to eat with a causal, welcoming atmosphere, Basil Pasta  Bar has finally brought to Kitsilano what you’ve been waiting for: quality, hearty dishes at affordable prices. Located on the corner of Yew Street and York, the second location of Davie Street’s busy Basil Pasta Bar offers a generous menu of fresh-to-order pasta creations for just $7.95. 

Inspired by the way that people dine casually in Europe, Owner Sefi Domb set out to create an easy-going, inviting restaurant where customers could design their own dishes and enjoy Italian without the white linen. He opened his first location on Davie Street during the 2010 Winter Olympics and has since passionately parlayed his entrepreneurial skills into the expansion of a second location. His brother and co-owner Shai is also an active manager of their restaurants and the two work tirelessly to buy the best ingredients and to keep the prices low for the customer. Both Sefi and Shai are adamant about the importance of offering casual, customized dining at affordable prices.

But the brother’s don’t compromise on the quality of their ingredients or on the portions of their pasta. Instead they offer large quantities of quality pasta dishes with the reasoning that the more that you enjoy your experience, the more likely it is that you’ll come back. For one rarely found, fixed price of $8.95 you can choose from any pasta on their suggested menu of flavourful fusion dishes and Italian favourites. But even owner Sefi admits that most of their customers enjoy the luxury of building their own pasta and for $7.95 you can create a dish using as many of their fresh ingredients as you favour.

With more square footage than their first location, the brother’s have been able to build the laid-back and welcoming space that they envisioned with their Kits Beach location. The interior of the restaurant is clean and crisp with industrial metal stools, charming wooden benches and a concrete floor; you can dine inside the newly renovated space and enjoy the open floor plan or sit on the breezy 19-seat balcony that over looks the busiest block on Yew street.

Location: 1602 Yew Street

Open: from 11:30am to 10pm, 7 days a week

Eat: For a lighter dish try the Linguine Aioli with fresh herbs, spinach, goats cheese and white wine sauce or curb your craving with hearty spaghetti and meatballs or carbonara with parmesan cream sauce, add extra cheese.

Drink: Red Truck Lager on tap for $4.50 or enjoy a glass of Red or White house wine for $4, all day.

Specials: From 1130am to 4pm the Pasta Bar features a daily pasta special that includes garlic bread, soup or salad and a drink for $9.99. Any of the specials can be ordered on their own and on any day of the week for $8.99.

Monday: Buckwheat Farfalle // Tuesday: Spaghetti and Meatballs // Wednesday: Lemon Chicken Fettuccine // Thursday: Maple Bacon Conchiglie //  Friday: Coconut Cream Ravioli // Weekends: Any of the pasta’s above

Delivery: Don’t forget Basil Pasta on a rainy day; for five dollars they can deliver to any address on the Western peninsula or city center and will bring customized comfort food to your front door.


Build-your-own pasta: Penne pasta with pesto cream sauce, fresh garlic, goat’s cheese, spinach, diced tomatoes and roasted chicken. The entree included a generous amount of creamy goat’s cheese and homemade sauce.

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