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Goodbye Vancouver, I Miss You Already

July 5, 2016

If there’s one rule that I will always live by:

It’s that you should do the things that scare you.

So on July 25th, I’ll be leaving my lovely life here in Vancouver, spending a week at home with my family and then moving to Portugal August 1st to spend my 29th year travelling with the Remote Year.

Over the next twelve months I’ll be living in a different city every month, traveling with 75 other digital nomads from around the world; spending the first 6 months in Europe and the last 6 months in South America.


Part of me can’t believe that I’m packing up my life again.
But another part of me … always knew this day was coming.

To all of the good people who’ve made Vancouver my home over the last three and a half years, to the kits club, and even to the north shore mountains.

You have brightened up each and every one of my days;
and I miss you all very much already.

I’ll be writing about the year, pursuing my dreams of travel writing and I really hope that you’ll come along on this wild adventure with me. 

Let’s do the things that scare us. 

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