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Portugal Remote Year

5 of the Best Digital Nomad Cafes in Lisbon

August 18, 2016

Putting on the digital nomad hat and using different spaces as your office every day is one of my favourite parts of embracing this lifestyle. It’s something that I use to do once a week at a coffee shop in Kits where I instantly found a kindred spirit in the kind Korean lady who owned it. Exemplifying a work ethic that I myself may never know, on almost every day of the year this lovely lady would open the doors to her 4th avenue shop, Cornerstone Coffee and there she’d be working away at her small business; the one she had left her beloved country for. Together, in completely different realms but within the same four walls, we would both be quietly chipping away at achieving our dreams. Continue Reading

Portugal Remote Year

Fado – Music of the Soul

How to put into words, what I just felt in my heart? Last night we went to an old palace to listen to Fado, music of the soul. The palace had long since been converted into a small chapel and we sat between it’s…

August 9, 2016
Portugal Remote Year

Love, Lisbon

I walked down to the waterfront today and it remembered me. The last time that we were together I was soaring along the promenade on a bicycle. This was four years ago when I was travelling with some girl friends and we were searching…

August 4, 2016