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The Diner en Blanc Survival Guide

August 27, 2015

Over 27 years ago two effortlessly chic French men invited friends to a flash mob picnic at a surprise location in Paris. Diner en Blanc was born. This year, two effortlessly hopeless girls bought tickets to attend the international event here in Vancouver and barely, just barely, made it into the chic soiree.

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The Squamish Valley Music Festival Survival Guide

The Squamish Valley Music Festival takes place every summer in August and for me and my friends, itโ€™s the most magical time of year. Thereโ€™s just something about the stunning sea-to-sky highway that gets you there, the looming chief mountain that greets you, the…

July 29, 2015
sikh wedding
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The Sikh Wedding Survival Guide

Being invited to an Indian families Sikh Wedding Ceremony is a special privilege and my experience was one that I’ll never forget. Beyond my wildest dreams, the wedding was welcoming, colourful, light hearted, long lasting and bursting with butter chicken. Here are some things…

May 19, 2015

Kitsilano Beach

A crisp coastal breeze whips off the Pacific ocean; crisp, cool, Canadian and welcomes me to Kitsilano beach. The ocean waves hello as I search for a place to settle in, scouting the sand and the beautiful bodies for the best place to soak…

May 10, 2015

The Sasquatch Music Festival Survival Guide

In a land where grown men dress as glittering fairies and countless, identical girls sport denim cut offs with flowery head bands, I held hands with a stranger over a particularly sad XX song. The night was dark and lonely – I had lost…

May 8, 2015