5 Kits Restaurants That Can Transport You Around the World

August 20, 2015
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Vancouver is one of the most multicultural cities in Canada and home to an awesome mosaic of cultures that make up our thriving culinary scene. We have a little taste of everything here; sushi, ramen, tacos, thai, baos, curries, tapas, pho and all of their fusions, just to name a few. But with restaurants recognizing that patrons are increasingly becoming just as keen on the space as the spices, there are a few magical restaurants in Vancouver that can take you out of town.

Here are 5 Kitsilano Restaurants that Can Transport You Around the World:

1. Au Comptoir

Stepping into Au Comptoir in Kitsilano for coffee and a croissant is like stepping off the street in Paris and into a beautiful French cafe. The space has been recently renovated to feel like a Parisian brasserie and the menu is full of rich flavours from France. The charming restaurant is a neighbourhood favourite and is home to one of the best cups of coffee in Kits.

Au Comptoir,  2278 W 4th Avenue, www.aucomptoir.ca

2. East is East

Created by two brothers from Afghanistan who wanted to create a comfortable, culturally rich restaurant, East is East brings a fusion of flavours from the Silk Road to beautiful BC. The intimate, dark space is decorated with glowing candles, authentic art and music from the brothers first home and heritage. Customers can choose to eat their meal at a traditional table with chairs or embrace the casual Eastern way of dining at a raised table, sitting cross legged with pillows on the floor.

East is East, 3243 W Broadway, www.eastiseast.ca

3. Las Margaritas

With its bold, brightly decorated walls and its authentic, Cantina style, Las Margarita’s Mexican Restaurant is a welcome burst of Mexican culture where the margarita’s are generous and the fajhitas sizzle. The long time Kits cantina is always packed with patrons and their hearty portion sizes and unlimited chips and salsa make it a memorable meal worth taco-ing about.

Las Margaritas, 1999 W 4th Ave, www.lasmargaritas.com

4. Mae Nam

Offering arguably the best Pad Thai in town, Mae Nams quiet, classy interior might not reflect the bright lights of Bangkok but it succeeds in bringing terrific Thai dishes and authentic curries to Kitsilano. The menu is designed to be shared family style and the seasonal ingredients bring a fusion of Bangkok street food and refined flavours to the table.

Mae Nam, 1938 W 4th Ave, www.maenam.ca

5. Hapa Izakaya

An informal drinking establishment meant to serve food but more importantly drinks, an Izakaya is a popular after work restaurant in Japan that offers a laid back atmosphere for good food and good times. The menu is designed around small share plates and offers authentic Japanese dishes like Ishiyakis instead of California rolls. Hapa Izakaya’s Kits Beach location may have a menu that’s a little more introductory then the Izakaya’s in Japan, but their local ingredients, open kitchen concept and ever changing fresh sheets bring a different side of the Japanese food scene to our neighbourhood.

Hapa Izakaya, 1516 Yew Street, www.hapaizakaya.com

Photo Credit: http://www.angelsbelly.com/food-maps/

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